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Signs to Replace Cast Iron Plumbing

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Cast Iron Pipes Issues in South Florida

Did you know that nearly 40% of all Florida homes were built before 1975? At the time, cast iron pipes was a popular building material. These pipes, while durable, do fail over time, and succumb to leaks, corrosion, and calcification; Specially in South Florida. Today, alternative pipe materials such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and PE (Polyethylene) are preferred for their longer lifespans and reliability. Cast iron may have served homes well back then, but it may as well deteriorate with time. And as such, it is critical to replace them since they can create expensive damage over time and pose health and safety risks to you and your family.

What can you do about your cast iron pipes?

The cost of replacing an entire plumbing system can range from $10,000 to $100,000, depending on the size of your home and the extent of the damage. Having to pay for all of that out-of-pocket is not within most people’s budgets. Replacing a plumbing system will prove costly yet there is a good chance the cost will be covered by your homeowners insurance policy.

So what can you do?

  • Get to know your insurance policy. When making an insurance claim, it helps to familiarize yourself with the limits, coverages, and exclusions on your policy. However, these insurance policies can be tricky. Having a plumbing company like Air America that does excellent reporting with video and photo evidence is crucial.
  • If your insurance sends out a plumber to assess the damage; It is good to have a second opinion from a plumber who isn’t employed by the insurance company and doesn’t know what’s excluded on your policy. This ensures that their opinion is unbiased and can be vital in a court case.
  • Act quickly and proactively. Some insurance companies are adding language saying policyholders must report losses within three days of when they “knew or should have known that a loss had occurred”. Over the past few years, insurance companies are adding more and more limiting language to their policies to reduce the amount of coverage for cast iron damage.

Rotten cast iron pipes are not something you want in your house, mainly when they endanger you and your family. As a result, Air America is here to deliver long-lasting cast iron replacement solutions for South Florida residents who need to replace these old pipes.

6 Signs You Need To Replace Cast Iron Plumbing in South Florida

Cast iron is prone to developing fractures and holes where water and moisture may seep, and when this occurs, a chain of unusual bad reactions occurs. Fractures also cause a foul odor in the pipes that allow sewage gas to escape. Any individual inhaling the poisonous gases may suffer from health issues as a result of the unpleasant smell. Likewise, mold may develop quickly and create respiratory and skin problems for the family. If you have cast-iron pipes in your plumbing system, check the signs listed below to see if they need to be replaced.

Foul Smell

Aside from a few ventilation stacks, ensure that your sewage system is waterproof to handle it efficiently. Cast iron pipes exhibit indications of cracking as they deteriorate. What occurs next is both harmful and unsuitable. It exposes your home’s surroundings to sewage gas. When you have visitors, the situation may get uncomfortable. As a result, contact Air America experts to replace them with new pipes.

Pipe Leak

Leaks are a common occurrence in South Florida houses, but you need not be concerned if they occur just once or twice in an extended period. On the other hand, contacting a plumber many times each month is not a good indication. Thus according to plumbers, cast iron pipes may be damaged when they come into touch with sulfuric acid. This implies that do-it-yourself solutions will not work. As a result, save time by having a plumber replace your pipes for the better.

Defective Foundations

The most hazardous and possibly costly indication is cracks or holes in the home’s foundations, such as walls. Cast iron pipes may have caused this damage due to water leaks. And when it is undetected, they may endanger the very foundations of your house over time. Instead of spending a lot of money on house maintenance, hire an Air America experts  to replace the cast iron pipes.

Mold Growth

Mold is hazardous to your family’s health, particularly those who suffer from respiratory illness. Mold and faulty plumbing seldom make for a joyful ending. Some molds can develop continuously with just a tiny amount of water. If your cast iron plumbing system leaks, it may become the source of that water, causing mold to grow in your house. Replacing your cast iron plumbing will prevent this and keep you healthy and safe.

Sewage Backups

Cast iron pipes often obstruct toilet emptying, resulting in sewage backups. You may now experiment with draining chemical goods. However, these solutions do not always work since they include sulfuric acid—remember, this chemical agent damages cast iron pipes. Contact our professional plumber to replace your cast iron pipes instead of relying on such items and compounding the issues.

Unusual Water Color

When you turn on the water, you expect clean and clear water to fill a glass cup, clean the dishes, or shower. When the city works on the main water pipes, slightly tinted water may sometimes spout from the tap. This minimal and unusual discoloration is not caused for concern. If the water is regularly colored, your pipes need to be replaced. Rusted and corroded pipes cause discoloration. As the cast iron pipes corrode, rusty pieces of a metal chip off and seep into your water supply, discoloring the water. The more your pipes deteriorate, the more likely you are to have leaks or burst pipes—and the more you need to replace the cast iron pipes quickly.

Call Air America To Replace  Cast Iron Pipes in South Florida

If you are searching for Cast Iron Plumbing Replacement in South Florida, Air America are experts at getting the work done. Our cast iron replacement equipment lowers the cost of the job as it makes it more efficient for Florida residents. That is why we take the time to fully assess the issue and explain all of your choices for replacing outdated cast iron pipes without causing damage to your foundation. If you are experiencing the above-listed signs, or your cast iron drain tunnels are creating difficulties in your plumbing system, please get in touch with us through our website or by phone at 954-255-0384, and we’ll set up an appointment to go over your options.

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