» Ductless Mini-Split Repair in Coral Springs, Boca Raton & Pompano Beach, FL
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Ductless Mini-Split Repair in Coral Springs, Boca Raton & Pompano Beach, FL

HVAC technician repairing a ductless mini-split on a white wall.

Homeowners in Southwest Florida rely on their ductless mini-split systems to combat the year-round heat. At Air America, we understand the importance of maintaining a comfortable living environment.

Our team provides professional, efficient, and customer-focused repairs for your ductless mini-split systems without trying to sell you anything you don’t need.

Need immediate assistance with your mini-split system? Contact Air America at 954-255-0384 today.

What Are Ductless Mini-Splits & How Do They Work?

Ductless mini-splits are unique air conditioning units that can cool individual rooms without requiring ductwork. These systems are made up of an outdoor compressor and one or more indoor air handling units. They’re connected by a conduit that carries power and refrigerant.

They offer a flexible solution for your home’s cooling needs and are simple to install and energy-efficient.

Common Issues With Ductless Mini-Splits

While mini-splits are durable, they aren’t immune to problems. Some common issues you may encounter include:

  1. Poor cooling performance: Often due to blocked filters or low refrigerant levels.
  2. Water leaks: Caused by a clogged condensate drain line.
  3. Unusual noises: This can be a sign of mechanical problems or fan issues.

Recognizing When Your Ductless Mini-Splits Need Repair

If your mini-split shows signs like insufficient cooling, excessive noise, or visible leaks, it’s likely time for repair. Increased energy bills or a unit frequently turning on and off can also indicate a problem.

Why Calling a Professional Is the Safer Choice

While some homeowners might be tempted to try DIY fixes, calling a professional is generally safer and more effective. Experts like Air America have the knowledge, experience, and tools to diagnose and repair your system correctly and safely, saving you time and potentially costly mistakes.

Deciding Between Ductless Mini-Split Repair & Replacement

Determining whether to repair or replace your mini-split can seem challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Your system is over 10 to 15 years old: It might be more cost-effective to replace it with a modern system that offers improved energy efficiency to significantly reduce your utility bills over time.
  2. Repair costs are quickly adding up: If your unit requires frequent repairs, investing in a new unit could save you more money in the long run.
  3. Your unit hemorrhages energy: Older units can consume more energy than newer, more efficient models, leading to higher energy bills. A new energy-efficient system can save you money and contribute to a healthier environment.
  4.  Your home can’t maintain a comfortable temperature: If it struggles to maintain the proper temperature or leaves some rooms warmer than others, it might be time for a replacement.

We’ll assess your system and help you decide which is best for your family, budget, and home.

Trust Air America for Your Mini-Split Repair Needs in Southwest Florida

Air America is committed to providing high-quality, customer-focused services for your mini-split repair needs in Coral Springs, Boca Raton, and Pompano Beach. With our experienced staff and 24/7 emergency services, you can rest assured that your comfort is our priority.

Ready to schedule ductless mini-split repair? Call Air America at 954-255-0384 today.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed
Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Unparalleled Quality and Integrity

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Fully Licensed and Insured

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Reliable and Responsive

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Trained Technicians

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Emergency Service

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The Technician came within the time that was scheduled. He diagnosed the problem very quickly and was able to replace the defective parts in just a few minutes. The cost of the repair was reasonable. We will definitely use them…

Nathaniel D.

Steve and Brendan were professional and courteous when they installed my new AC system recently. My system needed an extra part which was replaced the next day. I would recommend Air America to anyone looking for fast, reasonably priced, quality…

Michael J.

I've used Air America a couple of times within the last year and they have always been very honest and professional. Spencer Taylor is very competent and knowledgeable.

Patty K.

Great Service, Thanks so much for the New Thermostat, Looks and Works Great!!

Robin K.

My ac shut down. It hit 93 degrees just inside of a few moments. OUCH! These guys were just a couple miles up the road and actually squeezed me in on a day they were pact busy! Even as busy…


Our blower motor quit working and they put a rush order on it. Kendra called as soon as it came in and Justin was here in an hour to put it on!! Then I was even called back the next…

Christinna J.

Of course it would break only on a weekend. Air America was on it in 45 minutes and had it up and running in no time.

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I spoke with Kendra yesterday and she called a tech and he said he’d come out same day since he was in town already. Shawn was quick and very efficient. Said if I needed anything to give Kendra a call.…

Cassandra O.

This was the best experience,these guys knew what they were doing and got the job done in a timely manner! We will keep them as our service install and repair.

Pat D.