Saving the Environment

When Your Products Are All About Air, The Environment is Everything

love-the-earth-400x400Residential and commercial buildings consume about 41 percent of all energy used in the U.S.1 In your own home, as much as 54% of energy used is for heating and cooling.2

That’s why Carrier continually invests in research and development to increase the efficiency of their products. For example, they introduced the first environmentally-sound refrigerant, Puron®, in 1996, a full 14 years before industry regulations required it. And their new, Infinity® heat pump with Greenspeed intelligence is a technological first in ducted, air source heat pumps, achieving an unprecedented 13 HSPF, a leap of 29% in efficiency over previously best-in-class heat pumps of its kind in a 3-ton size.

Carrier has also found ways to improve the ways we manufacture products around the world, including requiring post-recycled content in all paper, using digital technology and reducing water and energy usage in our manufacturing processes whenever possible. In fact, from 2006 to 2010, their factories reduced water usage by 30% and air emissions by 60%.

In this day and age, responsibility for the environment is one everyones’ shoulder. And you can take comfort in knowing that we will continually push to invent and create the most energy efficient and environmentally-sound products possible.

1 According to the US Energy Information Administration

2 According to the US Department of Energy