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Air Quality in South FloridaMiramar, FL is a great place to live, some would even say it’s a paradise, but that doesn’t mean that its residents never need heating and air conditioning repairs and replacements. Fast growing Miramar is a place where people take pride in their homes, and we can all agree that one of the main features of a comfortable home is a great air conditioning and heating system.

That’s where we at Air America come in. Whether you have a new build home and you want to install the very best system for your summer and winter comfort, or perhaps you have one of those older homes where the furnace and heating pump are less reliable than you’d like. Or maybe your system is working well, but you’d like the comfort of a regular service to ensure that it stays running reliably, summer and winter.

Why We’re The Best Choice

    Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer in South Florida

  • Easily recognized, radio controlled fleet of vehicles for fast response
  • Day and night emergency service
  • Full installation, emergency or service package
  • Fully insured and licensed staff put your needs first
  • Family owned and run – deep local roots
  • Customer service is our watchword
  • Member of Better Business Bureau
  • Member of Chamber of Commerce
  • Carrier accredited dealer
  • Service and maintenance for all major brands

Our Recommendations To Keep Your System Running

There is nothing worse than waking up on the coldest day of the year to find that the heating isn’t working. So what can you do to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you and your family?

  • Have your heating system serviced annually – preferably in the spring or early autumn
  • Check any batteries the system might use, for example, for ignition – batteries running flat are a major reason for call outs – but can be simply checked
  • If your system enables you to easily clean or replace filters, make sure that you check them and do any necessary work well before you are going to run your heating
  • Have you moved furniture around during the summer? You might have blocked vents, causing your heating to run less efficiently
  • Make sure that you check for rodent activity – rodents chewing wiring or blocking ducts can be a problem for home heating and air conditioning

Our Tips For A Warmer Home In Miramar, FL.

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  • Hang heavier drapes over windows in the cooler months, and close them at night
  • Use rugs and carpets to insulate floors and create a cozy atmosphere
  • Make sure your heating system timer is set correctly – heat should come an hour before you usually rise, and go off about half an hour after bedtime
  • Close internal doors to preserve warmth in the house
  • Check for drafts and make sure that any gaps around windows and doors are fixed over the summer
  • Have your furnace, fans and heat pump checked by our experts to make sure they are running at maximum efficiency

If you have elderly, very young or sick people in your home, make sure you have a standby heater just in case. If the heat does go out, focus on keeping everyone in one room and heating that room with your standby.

Don’t underestimate the problems that having no heating can cause. If your system is more than ten years old, why not give Air America a call and get a no obligation report on the heating and air conditioning upgrade options for your home.