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Beating the Heat in Delray Beach, FL

Air Quality in South FloridaDelray Beach is a waterfront community on Florida’s Atlantic coast. Located in the southeastern part of the county, the city has a designated tropical rainforest climate, meaning lots of heat and humidity. Air conditioning is not a luxury here, even though ocean winds abound. There are days when the humidity levels hit 100% and you can literally squeeze water out of the air.

On days such as these, air conditioning is a necessity to dry out your house as well as keep you cooled. Temperatures range from the mid-seventies up to the mid-nineties as the high, and drop down to the upper fifties on the low side. While an AC is a requirement most of the time, depending on your reaction to lower temperatures furnaces or heat pumps are not out of place. Whatever you choose to do to regulate the indoor climate of your home, a dependable HVAC provider is what you need – Air America AC.

About Delray Beach

Originally part of Dade County, Delray became part of Palm Beach County in 1909, when Palm Beach County was created from the northern portion of the Dade County region. Delray Beach’s recorded history starts in 1876, when a house of refuge was located there. Settlement started in 1884, when Blacks from the panhandle region bought land and began farming. Fast-forwarding to the 2000’s, Delray Beach offers gracious living combined with water sports, including surfing, and tennis. There are several parks in Delray Beach, as well as arts, crafts, museums, and fine dining.

About Air America AC

Air America provides customer service as their main product. Owner-supervised, Air America started as a two-man, one truck operation; they have grown into a fleet of professionally-staffed trucks, ready to either install a new system or maintain an existing one. Air America staffs a maintenance division, to provide 24/7 emergency service to their customers, and an installation division, to replace an existing unit or to install new ones. They provide a full range of Carrier products, and are a licensed Carrier dealer.

Products and Services

Air America provides the following products:

    Carrier HVAC System

  • Air conditioners and Heat pumps
  • Evaporator coils and Fan coils
  • Furnaces
  • Controls and Thermostats
  • Air quality solutions

Packaged Products

Air America AC provides the following services:

  • AC and Heating maintenance
  • AC and Heating replacement and installation
  • AC and Heating repair
  • 24-hour Service
  • Electrical Services


HVAC Technician Available at Your Service in South FloridaAir America has two locations, one in Broward County and one in Palm Beach County. Delray Beach is served out of the Palm Beach office.

Air America AC provides the solution to all of your heating and air conditioning needs. We will arrive when scheduled, discuss your issues with you thoroughly, offer you choices fitting your budget, schedule the service according to your calendar, and be available 24/7 to meet your emergencies.

Your satisfaction is our goal, and we work relentlessly to ensure you’re happy with their services, and with the products you purchased.

We’re determined to satisfy our customers with outstanding performance and prices that won’t bust your wallet; as Martha would say, that’s a good thing!